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They wanted some money, so despite the fact that are not gay decided to have sex and to be left to burn

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These two friends were looking for something to make money, they needed for various things of your life. Were not finding anything, until one day saw an online ad seeking actors for having homosexual sex, obviously disagreed, but after thinking about it well, after thinking about it for a while and agreed to go, but only what would be between them and it would be a time. Wanted to see how much they would charge you so not say whether they would, were found in a hotel with the cameraman and they talked of what they had to do. They were nervous, but because they don't like the dick, like they hide it, the black was the one who had to break the ass, so that was a little more quiet and the other did not like about the idea, but I accept it. It was left to suck the dick and then break the bottom by her best friend.

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